main street kapitolyo


dancing in the moonlight

a go-to place for canadian comfort food in kapitolyo, main street is perfect for dates, family lunches, that long-overdue catch up session with the girls, or that time you just really wanted to eat something good. » Read more..

5 must-haves for the philippine summer

summer in the ph

it just seems that each summer in our tropical home just keeps getting hotter and harder. how can one keep their skin fresh amid these crazy times?

i made a list of a few things that should help anyone get through these very sunny days. whether you’re out on the beach, at work, or just out there under the sun, these things will get you through the season! » Read more..

new year, new skin with whipped

left leg: pre-wax, right leg: post-wax

thinking about trying out sugar waxing? it has been many months since i started getting sugar waxing done, and here are some little things i learned during the process. » Read more..

melt is the cheese place cheese fans have been looking for

melt sign

melt inside

have you ever had the thought that cheese would (and should) go with EVERYTHING? that is the idea that pushed the creators of melt restaurant into bringing to life this “grilled cheesery” in uptown mall in bgc. » Read more..

pinac up town center kapampagnan dinner buffet at only p359


inside pinac

up town center may have expanded into a maze of shops and restaurants (seemingly sprouting a new block of stores every season), but pinac, one of the originals on the very first wing, is still there to serve their spin on kapampangan food.

» Read more..

soft, supple skin with scrubbing at whipped

burgos circle tree installation

whipped entrance

this month, i got caramel scrubbing done on my beloved underarms at whipped salon.

when you avail of whipped’s caramel scrubbing, that means you get the scrubbing AND the sugar-waxing, all for just p350. » Read more..

tamagotchi department store in harajuku

tamagotchi department store entrance

there was a time when i was a kid when my sister and i were absolutely in love with this desktop tamagotchi game. after school we would feed it and clean up its kisses-shaped poop. i think our family went on a trip for a few days and, when we got back, our beloved tamagotchi was… DEAD! we cried and cried. it was a painful time.

remembering all the loving feelings i had for that tamagotchi, i knew i had to check out the tamagotchi department store in harajuku for the little indeemand still in me. » Read more..

my blogging group, teamaldous, turns 3!

gathering of greatness poster

the gathering of greatness

i haven’t been blogging as much as i wish i were (adulting takes so much time!), but i’m glad that at least i still get some words out there, thanks to a few nudges and invites from aldous. thanks to him, i’ve been able to try a bunch of new stuff (like restaurants, yoga, even a waxing salon) for free and share my thoughts about the things i experienced.

i am a member of team aldous (i was “recruited” by aldous last year!), and last august 20, we celebrated the group’s third anniversary! » Read more..

soft and smooth underarms with whipped salon

whipped at eight forbes town

last week, i visited whipped salon in forbestown center in bgc to try out their caramel scrubbin’ for underarms (350php). » Read more..

i’ve been whipped (sugar waxing and scrub salon)

at whipped salon

i’d ignored my rebudding monobrow and buried thoughts of shaving my underarms for this moment. i tried out sugar waxing for the first time for my eyebrows (200php) and underarms (250php), and i’m happy it was at whipped salon.

» Read more..