you and your 22-year-old face

19 may 2012

(or me!)

birthdays are pretty uncomfortable. (well, mine are). at least a few more people generally pay a little more attention to me, and i just end up getting caught in me-dilemmas that make me wish i hadn’t gone outside, that i’d stayed home all day to hide under a blanket (or blankets). i end up feeling sorry that i’d bothered other people with my face… then some time later, i feel sorry that i’d felt sorry, because people don’t really care that much, anyway, and i should seriously have a little more self-esteem.

come on, mariel. have a few strong opinions, at least!

anyway, i was going to sleep it off, but blood relations dragged me out from under my figurative blankets. and some face-stuffing and cocoa-drinking and picture-snapping and bread-purchasing and mall-strolling and rain-braving and bench-sitting later, my hands were through with groping around for those blankets. it just didn’t feel so cold anymore. (just a bit breezy because of the wind).

to you nice well-wishers, the well-wishing has probably worked. sorry you will have to brave at least a few more seconds of my dinner face! over here:

, shab

p.s. much later, my mother, sister and i were walking somewhere in the parking lot, when i suddenly exclaimed “uy! uuuy!” this was because i’d seen some bills on the ground.

i picked them up and counted: four one-thousand-peso bills and one hundred-peso bill. :0

so hmm. the world gave me some money today! i feel like i will have to pay for this in some unfortunate future event, but for now i shall just think of how rich i have become and snicker in my head.

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