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taco at 10 non-dog years old



10 human years ago from today, taco was born! and according to this dog age converter, that makes him 53 years old if he were human. or, according to this other dog age converter, he’s 68!

hey, that’s pretty old! and though he spends a LOT of his time asleep, he loves going outside and running. though he’s lost a bunch of teeth, he will still jump/sit/stand/shake hands for a biscuit. and though he is pretty much more than twice as old as i am, he’s still this little baby brother i have to take care of and give baths (plus lots of luff) to.

we took him to a grassy patch of land yesterday and un-leashed him for frolicky running. i’d run and he’d come after me. there were young boys playing football there, too, and sometimes he stopped and moved his head around frantically in what appeared to be an inability to figure out which of the running shapes was me. i had to shout “taco! taco!” before he finally trotted towards my direction. his eyes were probably not what they used to be, and yet he looked as happy as ever.

i luff my dog (i think that’s been pretty obvious from all the taco photos). and in an effort to show him it’s his special day, i gave him extra treats, extra long walks, extra belly rubs and a red-cape outfit. i hope he had fun!



after note: the other dog age converter said a mini schnauzer’s life expectancy is 11.81 years. ALKHFDEIOWFH!#@*)$*(#@_R)FEWORWH STOP SAYING BAD WORDS!!! D: