b&b burgers and brewskies, capitol commons

the view from outside

the view inside

try out burgers & brewskies in capitol commons. they serve specialty burgers with unique personalities, an assortment of alocoholic drinks, and different pulutan to match your drinking choices.

the place was full despite it being a wednesday night. but there was a lot of space between tables, so it did not feel cramped or too crowded.

black velvet and summer hoedown

among their mixed drinks, i was able to take a sip of the black velvet and the summer hoedown. a cool sight, the black velvet was cider in the bottom half and black beer at the top. as i’m no beer drinker, i could not appreciate the black velvet’s dark side. meanwhile, the summer hoedown (140php) was something someone like me could actually take. i could taste the sweet watermelon and the distinct beer. it was cool in my mouth, but felt warm on its way down.

avocado fries

i really enjoyed the dip of the avocado fries with garlic dip. i absolutely loved that they were green, but the fries tasted like the usual fries because of all the breading and because the taste of avocado is pretty mild to begin with. the only way i could taste the avocado was if i ate the fries on their own.

nachos with buffalo chicken cheese dip

as for the nachos with buffalo chicken cheese dip, the dip was really kakaiba. it was cheese with carrot bits and chicken bits that had a kick of spiciness, all sitting in a bowl made of bread.

a bunch of appetizers

i’m not a fan of bacon to begin with, so take my thoughts on the bacon chicharon (210php) with caution. it looked and tasted like a heart attack. it was crunchy, with the smokiness of bacon. the vinegar is sweet.

another interesting dip came with the fish poppers and fries (220php). it was a chipotle aioli dip which was like spicy mayo. because there was already a tasty dip, i thought the saltiness of the poppers unnecessary.

the angry korean wings (205php) were way too salty. they also has a mostly sour, slightly spicy flavor.

the buffalo balls were ground chicken meatballs with a spicy sour covering. it reminded me a bit of curry. the ground meat inside was soft. its dip was blue cheese-y and adds saltiness to the dish, so i recommend just adding a little bit of dip. the meatballs are already an explosion of flavors on their own. to me, it was the most interesting dish, and my almost (i wish it was less salty) favorite.

sausage platter

i loved the b&b sausage platter (585php)! the juicy sausages were complemented well by its dips. i especially loved the cheesy mayo one. the other dip reminded me of my trip to dubai. it was dark orange, sweet, and reminded me somewhat of butter chicken. mmm.

choco bacon

the salty and sweet combination of the chocolate-covered bacon strips with cashew was too weird for me, though i did enjoy its crunchy texture.

sweet potato fries

the s.p.f. (65php) sweet potato fries are probably the fancier sibling of potato corner fries. they were dressed in barbecue powder and were pretty good.

cuban missile

the cuban missile (120php) was cuban-style grilled corn with mayo and cheese. perhaps it being grilled is the reason the kernels were dry and hard. it was also dizzyingly cheesy!

finally, it’s time to talk about some of the burgers!

i think b&b patties have a great basic taste, so your criteria for picking a burger should just be what extra flavor you want in it.

burger: walk of shame

the walk of shame (340php) had an egg cooked into the top bun. foods with egg usually end up tasting like breakfast food, but this was alright. it had bacon!

burger: hector salamanca

the hector salamanca (240php) was my favorite among the burgers. it had piknik-like chip sticks, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. it’s the burger version of a great taco, with a spicy surprise as an after taste. i didn’t notice it at first bite, but this one’s a spicy traitor!

burger: p. sherman

the p. sherman (250php) is probably the one that tastes really different, because it has a fish fillet patty instead. the bellpeppers on it were a good idea, and it tasted very seafood-y.

burger: kandi

i really liked the mushy creamy texture and taste of the macaroni and cheese on the kandi (265php). i’m still not a fan of bacon, though!

spicy choco and bacon on ice cream

even their desserts had bacon! i got to try their ice cream covered in spicy chocolate powder and bacon bits. it was another interesting menu item, but was too confusing for my taste buds.

all in all, eating at burgers & brewskies was an interesting dining experience, and i loved it! they are experts at dip variety, lovers of bacon, winners at food presentation, and well-seasoned sorcerers when it comes to burgers (although, i do wish they’d cut back on salt on a lot of their dishes). i would come back for the ambience and the variety of unique flavors.

this food event was organized by aldous.

burgers & brewskies
ground floor, estancia mall, capitol commons, oranbo, pasig city
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