life yoga center, bgc

 life yoga sign

attempting a pose

i went to life yoga center for their sunday morning “feel good flow” class. it was only my second time to try yoga, and my first in an actual yoga studio. the environment was clean, brightly lit, and colorfully and creatively decorated, with each piece of furniture or flooring contributing to a positive and relaxing experience.

the temperature in the studio seemed regulated, as it was not aircon-cold as in the other areas. i was a bit afraid of getting that not-enough-air feeling like when i exercise at home, but i never got that problem during the class.
the studio fit twelve of us, including the instructor. maybe one or two more people could have joined without making the area too crowded.

in the studio

mat, block, and strap

a mat, strap, and block is already provided for each person. i never needed the block nor strap but i thought the mat had a pretty good grip. (except, things started to slide in the middle when i got too sweaty…)

the instructor’s voice was mellow and smooth. she put on soft music at just the right times. she constantly reminded us about our breathing.

for a while we went through a cycle of poses and movements that were only confusing at first. i was even able to pick up on terms like “downward dog”, “baby cobra”, and “child’s pose”.

what was difficult was keeping it up. soon my face was covered in a sheet of sweat and i could see the drops fall whenever i was back in downward dog. i felt the greatest strain in my wrists, as we often had to support our own weights with our hands and feet.

what i enjoyed most was the no-pressure atmosphere. there was no shame at all about being a “yoginner”. one was never called out for falling behind, or for for having limbs and joints that just don’t agree with a particular pose. sometimes the instructor would come help me shape my body into a certain position. i even got to try a head stand!… with the kind instructor’s heavy assistance. she also helped me clasp my hands together behind my back where one arm snaked over and under my bent leg. so, yay! although i couldn’t do some of the poses, i was surprised i was flexible enough for some others, and happy i was given that extra push (or, lift).

during the long cool down part of the routine, the instructor applied some eucalyptus or other oil on our necks, which left me with a cool sensation that was really refreshing.

i enjoyed the class, and the optimistic interiors of life yoga center.

yoga pose on the beach

elephant in the yoga room

 vibe food

there’s also a little food area called vibe cafe where you can grab a juice or something to eat after a class.

the fun and creative design of the place extended even to the girls’ room, giving one no excuse to carry around any sort of negative energy.

the girls' room

inside the shower

bathroom motivation

view of the girls' room

you can check out their rates here:

life flyer

all in all, it was a positive and refreshing experience. what a nice way to start the week!

i would like to thank aldous for inviting me to try out a yoga class here.

L!FE yoga center
2/f eight forbestown road, burgos circle, bonifacio global city
facebook: life yoga center



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