shawarma bros, bonifacio stopover

shawarma bros on the outside

shawarma bros, a previously food truck-only concept, has finally made its stop at bonifacio stopover in bgc, gracing us with its yummy shawarma rice meals and wraps.

co-partner of shawarma bros, abe, described their concept as fast casual dining, and their food as a tribute to authentic shawarma. they did away with the usual spit grill with its food safety issues while trying their best to stay as true as possible to the traditional taste of shawarma.

their meals cost between php119 to php279. their bestseller is the beef shawarma rice meal (php179), while their house specialty is the lamb steak rice meal (php219). customers looking for a more healthful option can order the chicken shawarma rice meal (php169) instead. they first started out serving only rice meals, but later introduced the wraps for more variety, which means one can order the beef, lamb, and chicken as wraps instead.


lamb shawarma with keema

lamb steak rice with keema meal (php279) – RECOMMENDED!

i ordered the lamb steak rice with keema. the lamb had a good flavor and was mostly soft, but had a few chewy bits. it lent itself well to the somewhat smoky flavor of shawarma. the meal came with 2 sauces, and i opted for the garlic yogurt and chili tomato. the tomato overpowered the other flavors of the meal with its canned tomato taste, but the mildly sweet yogurt was the perfect complement. the keema, a plate of saucy ground meat, was a nice addition and was not oily at all. the drink was allmytea iced tea, which had a nice calamansi flavor.

it was a delicious meal, and i can probably do without the keema next time because the lamb steak rice was already quite filling by itself.

beef shawarma with keema

beef shawarma rice with keema meal (php229)

the beef shawarma rice with keema was what my sister ordered, and its beef slices were not as tasty or as flavorful as my lamb chunks. although, i probably wouldn’t have known this if i hadn’t tried the lamb in the first place.

my sister and i agreed that the garlic yogurt sauce was the best, even better than the chili cheese she got (which tasted like a nacho dip, except with a little dash of bleu cheese).

here are more photos in shawarma bros:

view of tables

excerpt from wall of instagram posts

one wall is covered in printouts of shawarma bros testimonals on instagram.


this photo above is a testament to how much i enjoyed my lunch.

photo with abe

we even got a photo with abe at the wall of happy instragram posts!

all in all, our tummies were happy and i’m looking forward to my next visit to shawarma bros.

this food event was organized by aldous.

shawarma bros
2f bonifacio stopover
31st street corner rizal drive
bonifacio global city, taguig
IG: @shawarmabros

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