the search for the itazura cat coin bank in the philippines

i first saw this sneaky cat-in-a-box as a tip box in a tea shop some years ago. it was very effective, as i was drawn by its unassuming kawaii-ness to place a coin on its fish plate, hoping to hear its meow and catch a glimpse of its furry paw reaching out to take my humble offering. it did not disappoint. as a lover of all things cute, i was filled with awe and glee watching the itazura cat claw my coin into her box and disappear into it herself.

for years, i’ve been looking for this elusive itazura coin bank. i’ve kept an eye out for it whenever i get to travel abroad, but it remained out of my reach. i’ve been highly unsuccessful… until very recently!

itazura cat coin bank

itazura kitty says hello

i am now a proud and happy owner of a meowing, coin-stealing itazura cat coin bank!!! they are so much fun, and i bet your friends and your cat (if any) will think so, too.

itazura coin banks are available from Arty Animal Manila (instagram: @artyanimalmnl) for only php 695.00, with free shipping to anywhere within the philippines. the itazura coin banks are available in 4 different designs: blue and red box cat, strawberry box cat, orange box cat, and grapes box cat.

Arty Animal Manila also sells watercolor and other art materials, so check them out as well if you’re looking for the Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box, or water brushes from Kuretake and Pentel.


now, if you will excuse me, there is a kitty coin box i need to feed my coins to…



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