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i love mediterranean food, and the existence of sultan mediterranean grill has added to the reasons why. their beautiful (and yet very reasonably priced) dishes are delicious and exactly what i expect of such cuisine.

sultan mediterranean grill was one of the few bright lights along san agustin street in salcedo village, makati on the saturday evening my sister and i went. we had been invited by aldous and jayce (thanks, guys!).

not only was the place actually neat and clean, but so was its simple yet endearing design. the white walls had shelves of tiny bottles and pictures of geometric art. the cement flooring had a subtle detail of a petal-y/circular/swirly pattern here and there. the wooden tables had small cactus pets prettifying the center area. the seating was either the black couches or the silver chairs. i really liked their menu which, aside from listing their items very neatly, had more than enough truly saliva-inducing photos of their food.

pretty menu

shawarma poster

stuff on the wall

seeing the atmosphere and the quality and presentation of the food, i really thought the items would be more expensive, but they’re not! and i’m not complaining.

we are able to taste their bestsellers, which all had great, satisfying flavor. though i have my favorite dishes, it doesn’t mean i didn’t think the others were great. i bet anything ordered at sultan will be good.

my favorites were: the salata horiatiki (greek salad), the falafel, the braised lamb shanks, the shawarma, and the strawberry yogurt shake.

greek salad

salata horiatiki (php 200). this greek salad had just the right amount of ingredients. it didn’t taste too leafy, and had that slight sting from the vinaigrette dressing.


falafel (php 250). this dish came with hummus and pita. the taste is mild, not overpowering. i really liked it!

lamb shanks

braised lamb shanks (php 550). the lamb is slow-cooked for three hours, resulting in super soft and still juicy meat. it went well with the buttered rice and gravy.

chicken shawarma

beef shawarma

chicken or beef shawarma (php 140). though i wish there was a bit more meat and a bit less cucumber, i still really liked their shawarma. don’t forget to add some garlic sauce!

strawberry yogurt shake

strawberry yogurt shake (php 100). it was really nice–not too sweet, and not too sour. my sister had the plain yogurt shake, which just wasn’t as satisfying, because i kept expecting more than the sour-ish taste.

here are photos of the other dishes i was able to try:

vitamin boost salad

vitamin boost salad (php 250). its orange cranberry dressing is made in house. it was too ctrus-y and sweet for me. many of my co-diners were ecstatic over this salad, though!


moussaka (php 220). this lasagna-like dish (with the pasta substituted with eggplant) was good, too. but if you’re not a fan of eggplant like my sister, it might feel like too much. because of its texture, the eggplant comes off as creamy.

lobia rice

lobia rice (php 100). this had a strange, earthy flavor. it was the string beans.

chicken curry

chicken curry (php 230). sultan makes their own curry. this dish was OK, too. the chicken was so soft the meat easily falls off the bone. but maybe it was a bit too soft.

kebab platter

kebab platter (php 580). the seafood chunks were great. they were fresh, and the squid was gummy and possessed a different citrus-y flavor. the lamb and pork bits were really salty (the only salt excess i experienced in sultan med), and the pork was really tough.

i left sultan mediterranean grill with a happy tummy, and i’m sure you will, too, when you visit them.

sultan mediterranean grill
ug9 Valero Plaza Condominium 124 san augustin, salcedo makati city
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