quiz night at wingman, up town center

wingman outside

bloggers quiz night poster

sharing a platter of wingman wings with friends becomes even more interesting on quiz night.

i was lucky to be invited by aldous to a bloggers quiz night at wingman in up town center last week. my quiz night teammates and i got to try different flavors of wings while also rummaging through our brains for answers to questions such as: how many a’s are there when you spell out the numbers from 1 to 1000? (answer: 1)

quiz night has been a regular activity in other wingman branches (acacia estates, makati, and newport), but was a first in the up town center branch.

our game was 4 rounds of 10 or so questions of general knowledge, ranging from sports to movies to geography. some of my favorite questions were:

* what game phenomenon in 2006 increased the sales of pencils in london by 700%?

* what film that won an oscar for best picture has its number spelled out in its title?

* which element in the periodic table occurs last alphabetically?

(answers: sudoku, twelve years a slave, zirconium)

final scoreboard

for scoring the highest, team blue-blooded (my team!) was awarded a round of beers, and irreplaceable joy and pride. the losing team received a round of shots.

what everybody really won, though was an opportunity to try wingman’s new squadron meal: good for groups of 8-10, this meal includes 5 different flavors of wings and a side platter of fries and onion rings (although, i’m not sure if the fries and onion rings were really part of the squadron meal).

fries, fries, fries, fries

their fries were a mix of the usual fat fries, twisted fries, and shoestring fries. i liked it. it came with a weird sauce that tasted like thousand island dressing with something sweet in it, but it went best with the onion rings.

prairie fire wings

squadron platter

for the wings part, the flavors we chose were: the classic buffalo (their bestseller), lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, moroccan chermoula, and prairie fire. i really liked their wings in general because the chicken was consistently fresh and juicy. as for the flavors, my least favorite was the chermoula as it had a very middle eastern flavor . my favorite was the prairie fire, which was saucy and oh-so-slightly spicy.

my one major concern about the squadron mean, though, was that it could not actually serve 8-10 people. there were only five of us, and we felt that we could still eat more.

black pepper brownie

there was a bonus black pepper brownie topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert, which was very very good. the brownie was fudgey and at the perfect level of sweetness. the black pepper came as a spicy aftertaste.

wing sisters

all in all, my sister and i had a lot of fun at wingman. though the serving size of their new squadron meal turned out to be insufficient, their wings were juicy and flavorful. plus, quiz night was a super cool experience!

rating: 4/5
highlights: prairie fire wings, black pepper brownie


website: http://www.wingman.ph/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wingmangrill

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