urban eats, congressional avenue

urban eats


urban eats is a new food park along congressional avenue featuring various foods from cute little stalls.

we had some difficulty finding the place, as congressional avenue is very long, and we aren’t from the area. There was very little space for parking in front–maybe four cars max–so urban eats goers are forced to park along congressional avenue itself, which seemed dark and shady in those parts. We ended up parking maybe 50 cars away, near a different restaurant called kalesa.

we were seated outside on plastic chairs and tables. i got a plastic stool, which soon gave me a waffle butt, and felt very uncomfortable after an hour.


hungry knights

eiffel tower and beer

manolo y margarita

the atmosphere was fun, though. very chill. urban eats looked like a night hangout place. the night we went there was an acoustic session, so different people were taking up the mic for some jamming. there were covered areas and outdoor areas, but everything was open air. the stalls were quaint, painted in striking solid colors, with some images painted here and there, such as the two foxes outside the entrance to the indoor area inked under the quote, “no strangers, only friends we haven’t met”. in the back is a love lock wall, where you can put a lock on the grid fence and throw the key in the water under it.

no strangers

love lock wall

we tried a bunch of different things from the different stalls, but very few made a positive impression on my taste buds. what i liked best was the empanada. also good were the chili fries, the thin crust longganisa pizza and the caramel shake in a mason jar mug.


empanada (from fariñas ilocos empanada, p40-p100). this was a yummy dish with a great mix of ingredients. it had longganisa bits, egg, and strips of white vegetables which my seatmate said may be papaya.

chili fries

chili fries. the chili fries, burrito, and nachos all have that one mexican flavor. so, if you plan to order it’s probably ok to just get one. i’d pick the chili fries!

caramel shake

salted caramel and peach pie shake (from babita, p150). mild, not overly sweet. it tasted like melted vanilla ice cream with a hint of caramel.

the other foods ranged from this-actually-tastes-okay to i-regret-putting-this-in-my-mouth. i am including photos of some of the other dishes and drinks we were able to try.

hainanese chicken

hainanese chicken with cucumbers and ginger sauce (from valentina’s, p120). the chicken was kinda hard and dry. the ginger sauce was mostly just oil and nauseating.

beef misono wrap

beef misono wrap (from nihon ryori, p140). this mostly tasted like flour and cheese.

bacon wrap tuna

bacon wrap tuna. there wasn’t much taste to this except for the toyo sauce that came with it.

chicken lettuce wrap

chicken lettuce cup (from valentina’s, p120). had an interesting taste, at least. was it silantro… or peanuts?

longganisa pizza

longganisa pizza. this pizza was super thin crust. it had a homemade taste, but it was good naman.


nihon bun (from nihon ryori, p135). it looked super good… but i really regretted taking a bite out of this.


palabok. i’m not a palabok fan in general, but this was ok naman. it was lomi-like, though.


homemade longganisa. had a smokey taste, and not too salty.


soy garlic-flavored wings. my sister said this tasted like the bacon wrap tuna, and i agree. the chicken was also dry.

chocolate shake

mocha s’mores shake (from babita, p155). the shake included mallows, brownie chunks and stik-os. it tasted ok, was easy to drink, and had an appetizing presentation. i just wish it had a bit more milk.

bacon waffle burger

happy gilmore (from crazy waffles). this was bacon, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a waffle wich. it looked really interesting, but the combination wasn’t right for me.


s’mores dip with crushed oreos (from babita, p145). this was really cute, but i wish there was some other flavor like brownie bits. the crackers and mallows combination was too sweet for me.


chocolate mousse cake. had really nice presentation, was alright.



burrito. good.

banana and peanut butter shake

banana and peanut butter shake (from babita, p145). this was alright, but i again wished there was more milk in it.

based on the food, i would not go back to urban eats. though they do have a lot of options as there are many stalls, the foods just didn’t have much to offer taste-wise. sayang, because the whole place was pretty and the atmosphere was fun and chill.

thank you to aldous for inviting me to try out urban eats!

rating: 2/5
highlights: empanada, chili fries, salted caramel and peach pie shake
urban eats
71 congressional avenue, quezon city

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