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pinac up town center kapampagnan dinner buffet at only p359


inside pinac

up town center may have expanded into a maze of shops and restaurants (seemingly sprouting a new block of stores every season), but pinac, one of the originals on the very first wing, is still there to serve their spin on kapampangan food.

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soft, supple skin with scrubbing at whipped

burgos circle tree installation

whipped entrance

this month, i got caramel scrubbing done on my beloved underarms at whipped salon.

when you avail of whipped’s caramel scrubbing, that means you get the scrubbing AND the sugar-waxing, all for just p350. » Read more..

tamagotchi department store in harajuku

tamagotchi department store entrance

there was a time when i was a kid when my sister and i were absolutely in love with this desktop tamagotchi game. after school we would feed it and clean up its kisses-shaped poop. i think our family went on a trip for a few days and, when we got back, our beloved tamagotchi was… DEAD! we cried and cried. it was a painful time.

remembering all the loving feelings i had for that tamagotchi, i knew i had to check out the tamagotchi department store in harajuku for the little indeemand still in me. » Read more..