tamagotchi department store in harajuku

tamagotchi department store entrance

there was a time when i was a kid when my sister and i were absolutely in love with this desktop tamagotchi game. after school we would feed it and clean up its kisses-shaped poop. i think our family went on a trip for a few days and, when we got back, our beloved tamagotchi was… DEAD! we cried and cried. it was a painful time.

remembering all the loving feelings i had for that tamagotchi, i knew i had to check out the tamagotchi department store in harajuku for the little indeemand still in me.

getting there is pretty easy. just get to harajuku station. when you exit, you will see the entrance to takeshita street (you can’t miss it–it’s right in front of the station and there’s an arc marking the entrance with a digital display that often displays the current time). cross the road and turn left right away (DO NOT go into takeshita street). the tamagotchi store is less than 50 meters away.

harajuku station

across takeshita street

i’ll admit i’ve been out of touch with tamagotchi since my youth, and don’t know how the characters look like now, but i’ve never lost my love for cute things, and that store definitely reeked of CUTENESS: from the front display of huge tamagotchi characters, to the colorful sky on the ceiling, to the candy-colored items for sale.

entering the tamagotchi store

little tamagotchi trinkets

tamagotchi name bands and socks

i don’t know why i don’t have any photos, but there was even tamagotchi cookies and marshmallows!

in case you thought they were gone, you can STILL buy actual tamagotchis–yes, those pocket-sized, egg-shaped, little gadgets that can contain your digital pet/best friend. the 2016 version is called the tamagotchi m!x. with nostalgia tugging at my heartstrings, i was very very tempted to get one. i just told myself i can get one once i learn enough japanese (well, the text on the boxes claimed english instructions were included, but i just have to give myself some goals–hehe).

tamagotchi m!x close up

me and my someday tamagotchi

each one sells for 5,144 yen. there was a bit of a promo when i went in september 2016: you could get a tamagotchi m!x and tamagotchi drops (candy) for 5,344 yen.

tamagotchi m!x display

though it says “department store” in its name, i wouldn’t say it is department store-sized. it’s not small, but it’s just a regular-sized store.

still, all in all, the store was definitely fun to see. even if you don’t buy anything, just being in such a cutely decorated store was worth it.

basking in the tamagotchi cuteness

i’ll be back again for you someday, tamagotchi!

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