melt is the cheese place cheese fans have been looking for

melt sign

melt inside

have you ever had the thought that cheese would (and should) go with EVERYTHING? that is the idea that pushed the creators of melt restaurant into bringing to life this “grilled cheesery” in uptown mall in bgc.

every item on the menu includes one vital ingredient: cheese. and we’re not talking eden or che-vital, but actual, real cheese. you can taste the cheddar, the mozzarella, the blue, tastefully mixed into each of the dishes.

i liked the general taste and feel of their dishes. presentation was beautiful, and you could taste the different ingredients instead of just an overpowering saltiness or sweetness. even the cheese, though generous, was not dizzyingly strong. it tasted just right. and though a little pricey, know that they won’t hold back on the cheese.

we tried a bunch of dishes, but my favorite has to be the beefy cheesy rice (p375), described in their menu as “beef stew on raisin buttered lemon and parsley rice topped with our house blend of melted cheeses, candied walnuts, and cilantro”. the beef was oh so soft–a joy to eat.

beefy cheesy rice

but though they call themselves a grilled cheesery, my least favorite dishes were their savoury grilled cheese sandwiches. the bread part was too thick, and too toasted and hard. it had a sweet-ish waffle taste, and distracted from the cheese and other palamans inside.

this one’s the classic melt (p275), “house blend mozzarella and cheddar cheese melted between buttered grilled sourdough breads served with creamy tomato purée and drizzled with honey”.

the classic melt

this is the chili con queso (p375), “melt’s house blend of melted cheeses with chili con carne, sausage, red bell peppers cabbage, and aioli”.

chili con queso

the one below is the bacon mac & grilled cheesy (p395), “maple glazed bacon and three cheese mac & cheese sandwiched between honey drizzled sourdough”.

the bacon mac and grilled cheesy

melt’s mac & cheese bars (p240) had cheesy, soft macaroni inside. it was mild and paired with a sour cream dip and… honey? it looked like honey but it was really sweet. and i’ve always thought that only dessert should be sweet, so that’s why i wasn’t completely sold on this one.

melt's mac & cheese bars

the truffle cheese fries will be a new addition to their menu this december 2016. it had bacon bits over different cheeses. i liked the flavor, but it was a bit too soggy.

truffle cheese fries

the mushroom truffle cheese dip with parmesan crisps (p365) was the star among the appetizers. it was an interesting experience to scoop out resistant, gooey cheese with black bread crisps, and it was yummy, too!

dipping in the mushroom truffle cheese dip

mushroom truffle cheese dip

here are more photos of the other foods, like the chili cheesy rice (p385), which makes me think of arroz ala cubana, except replace the giniling with sausages, and add cheese.

chili cheesy rice

this might be the good morning chori (p365).

mushroom truffle pasta

i remember this one was a chorizo risotto, but i can’t find the entry on their menu.


for dessert we tried the chocolate chip oreo cheesecake (p255 a slice), which was really good!

the chocolate chip oreo cheesecake

this one’s the bread pudding sundae (p230), which i didn’t like as much as the cheesecake. the bread experience was similar in taste to the bread in the grilled cheeses. it was thick and waffley.

bread pudding sundae

they even provided selfie sticks under every table to help you take your group photos.

selfie sticks!

and here are some more photos outside the restaurant.

melt grilled cheesery outside

fountain view

cheese lovers, unite!


melt grilled cheesery
third floor, uptown place mall, 36th street corner 9th avenue, bonifacio global city, taguig city
02 9463370

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