new year, new skin with whipped

left leg: pre-wax, right leg: post-wax

thinking about trying out sugar waxing? it has been many months since i started getting sugar waxing done, and here are some little things i learned during the process.

waxing in general can be daunting for first timers. you wonder, will it hurt? and the answer is, probably yes. but how much? it depends on what area you’ll have done, and how often you have it waxed. if you’re feeling uneasy about it, it’s probably not a good idea to start off your waxing life with a brazilian wax, as our lady parts are the MOST sensitive! and, yes, it will probably be uncomfortable on your first try, but it can only get better and easier.

unlike from shaving, your hair will reappear at a slower rate. plus, they will be thinner! and i don’t just mean this because the top, pointy part of your hairs will appear instead of the stubby middle parts. i mean that less hair will grow. i used to be bothered by my kinda hairy legs. though they weren’t yet man legs, they were hairier than average and they were obvious in pictures–especially at the beach, where the hairs would be wet and stick to my legs even more, making them more visible. i now have less hairs growing on my legs, so i don’t even feel the need to have them waxed that often, as they have become a lot more manageable!

do you feel embarrassed (i mean, especially if you intend to get a bikini wax or a brazilian wax)? fear not! if you’re a lady and you got it, then the waxing ladies have it, too, and won’t bat an eyelash at seeing your body parts. now, if you’re a guy, well, girls have an equivalent, anyway! know that they have most likely seen it all before. meanwhile, you just gotta be confident and mature about your own body. (sometimes, it helps me when i remember that my cats and dog go about their daily lives naked, and aren’t the least bit bothered by it.)

i promise, getting waxed will give you a confidence boost! i’ve tried the bikini wax, and the brazilian wax, and both times i was excited about wearing my suits to the beach! i stomped around the beach without worry of unwanted exposure. hehe. kahit underarms lang, it makes me dig through my clothes for those sleeveless tops!

now that it’s a new year, it could be time for new skin with sugar waixing! go with confidence, and come out hair-free, with even more confidence!

the whipped salon branch i visited is located at 2f unit r213 eight forbes town road, town center, bonifacio global city, taguig city. their other branches are in 3f ayala fairview terraces, and 2f commerce avenue wing, alabang town center.


whipped sugar wax and body scrub salon
contact numbers: 09172405330 / 9311288
facebook: whippedsalon
instagram: whippedsalonph

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