20 October 2012




30 April 2012


okay, hi!

a year later, my name is still mariel dee. i possibly have a degree in applied physics, and i’m trying to finish that other degree, plus a bit of french and mandarin (and hopefully spanish and german and japanese and…).

i still like clicking on shutters, twirling a pen around, or just talking as if someone’s listening. and perhaps that unfortunate someone is you. :>

anyway, since you’re here, stay! :D i shan’t bite (oh, unless that’s what you want…)




30 April 2011

greetings, stranger! :D


so, like i said, i’m mariel dee. i think time dilation is interesting. so is the photoelectric effect. so are holograms.

i find penguins infinitely adorable and amusing. and, to a slightly lesser degree, actual people. they’re fun to watch. (especially you. yes, you.)

in other news, i’m still a student. i’m trying to learn applied physics, applied computer systems, and some french. my thesis is called “measurements of deformations using double-exposure volume holographic interferometry” (i don’t particularly know what that means yet).

i kind of like taking pictures, and i just hope that at least a few things there are worth re-looking at.


let’s take a look at some life together, ‘kay? <3

(nagpapasalamat ako kay jude sa pagkuha ng litratong ito :D )